Survey About Volunteering

Dear all!

Whether you are a current volunteer or not, whether you have ever tried to volunteer or not, I really appreciate your feedback.

I’ve been researching the topic of volunteering for more than a year. And it still seems that some people know more about volunteering than others. Some people try to volunteer and continue doing it, other stop because they either burn out or don’t like it. And there are those who’ve never done it  but some of them could potentially try it if given an opportunity to participate in an interesting project. What many people still don’t know is that there are many great purposes volunteering serves for everyone involved, especially volunteers.

Please give your feedback as I’m trying to understand what motivates people to volunteer and why some people are interested in volunteering and others are not. It is only 10 questions and totally anonymous! Please, take this Survey.


1. Are you currently volunteering with any organization and why?

2. Whould you like to volunteer in your or foreign country (which ones)?

3. How much time do you have for volunteering (number of hours/days per week/year)?

4. What type of volunteer work are you most interested in?

5. What kind of recognition/incentive do you deserve for volunteering?

6. What do you want to know about others and others to know about you?

7. If the world were a game/contest, what would it be?

8. Would you want to participate in community events/workshops/summits?

9. Do you need help deciding whether volunteering  is right for you and where exactly your help is needed?

10. Any other comments and suggestions?


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Fraud in Volunteer World

I received a comment from to one of my posts and would like to share it with you. Remember, that everyone would want to take your money and help you volunteer abroad, but be warned that some of the organizations are either fraud or simply bad for everyone involved. Always do research beforehand and check feedback from former volunteers:

“If you are interested in visiting Africa on a Volunteer program, for heaven’s sake do not go any where near “Dr” Peter Mc Hendry or Global Adventures, Christian ski or any other companies run by “Dr” Peter McHendry – have a look at what he did to this poor chap!

Peter McHendry is a fraudster who has been deported from Zambia for breeching labour laws (not paying his poor village staff) and failing to register any sort of business interest in Zambia, he does not legally own any land there, only the President of Zambia can grant a lease in Zambia, most of his deceptions are based on owning things he quite clearly cannot and does not!

The Police in South Africa are looking for McHendry in regards to Insurance Fraud and conning investors into his failed Global Bio Diesel and Akula Trading 227 PTY Companies.

This man is very dangerous and is believed to have several personality disorders, such as Jerusalem syndrome, his wife and other girls have complained of violent behaviour and at nearly 60 “Dr” Peter McHendry has an unhealthy interest in young vulnerable women and strippers as the Lonely Planet article shows.

The Lonely Planet confirms that “Dr” Peter McHendry had not paid his staff for at least two months when the volunteers’ had paid over $2500 US each to live in a tent with no food!


He steals from poor African Villagers and may have molested several village children which is why a deportation order was issued by the Zambian government and why the South African Police are looking for him!

Do not give him any money it will not go on any sort of good, it will all be spent on young girls that “Dr” McHendry has no chance of sleeping with, you can see lots of them on his website which makes many, many, false claims all of which are badly spelt!

South African Police are looking for investors into a franchise scam run by Dr Peter McHendry in 2008 under the name “Global Bio Diesel” A company which does not exist!

Here is a list of investors who should contact COMMISSIONER KWEYAMA ON +2782556758 at Pinetown Police Station or Commercial Branch in Durban

DJW / Nelson Mbatha Invested R4,000,000.00 on 30/05/2008
Kitesh Cara Invested R160,000.00 on 04/06/2008
Mr Kwazi N Sithole Invested R800,000.00 on 19/09/2008

These funds were paid into Akula Trading 227 PTY and then spent on McHendrys mortgage arrears, court cases in respect of unpaid debts, which are still owed as Peter McHendry has lost every case against him, details below.,_Volume_511_(Part_2_of_2),_141/,_Volume_506,_B,_128/

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Tufts Health Plan and Volunteer Work

Three weeks ago I started working for Tufts Health Plan (THP), and on the first day during orientation I learned about volunteer opportunities available for employees, which impressed me tremendously! Here is what I found:

1. Full-time employees are offered 8 paid hours to volunteer wherever they would like to contribute. Employees have a chance to leave work and volunteer their time to any organization they choose.

2. There are numerous volunteer opportunities listed on the THP website. There are about 20 organizations listed, among them are:

Boston Health Care for the homeless Program – Volunteers play a critical role at BHCHP. They help out in countless ways, like offering recreational activities at the in-patient respite care facility, working behind the scenes in our administrative departments, engaging patients in caring conversations, organizing fundraising events and helping out in the clinics.

Springwell House – Volunteer to spend time with elders by becoming a friend, being a medical escort or teaching elders about health insurance options and how to manage money.

3. That is what homepage for volunteering says:

Volunteering Is Not for Anyone; It’s for Everyone!
Volunteering gets good people and good causes together to make a difference in the community. Volunteering is the perfect vehicle to discover something you are really good at and develop a new skill. Take some time out of your year to give back to your community, make new friends and network, feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and most importantly, give back to someone in need. Part of being a great volunteer is loving what you’re doing. Find something that you’re passionate about or something that inspires you, and then find a need in your community.

4. There are numerous Onsite Philanthrophy Activities.  Each year, THP organizes several opportunities for employee philanthropy, often to benefit local service agencies. Examples: Holiday wish Tree, Blood Drives, Food Drives, Workplace giving Back to Schools Drive and others. Right now employees can donate gifts for the holiday season to Cambridge Salvation Army and Department of Mental Retardation-Fernald Center.

5. Very compelling line Think You Don’t Have Time to Volunteer? You Do!
Busy schedules and hectic lives seem to be the norm these days. But, thanks to THP, take a deep breath, step back from your desk and use a paid day off to volunteer. THP has worked with a number of agencies in the area. In addition, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley Web site provides an easy-to-use, online database of current volunteer opportunities that can be searched using a number of variables, including location and type of agency (children, elders, etc.).

I decided to suggest Strategic Volunteering Workshop for our employees.

I’m so proud to be working at Tufts Health Plan, and I mean it! In my opinion, encouraging employees to volunteer and giving them opportunities for it  is very important for employee’s own health and happiness !

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Volunteer to write a book!

I joined Writers Anonymous meetup group about two years ago, and I did it because I like to write and I was looking for similar-minded people to share my interest with. I was so lucky to join one of the most exciting groups I’ve ever been a member of! Besides reading each other’s work, we have been encouraging each other to write and discuss our experiences. Our latest project is Seven Word Memoir Book, which we will be self-publishing very soon. No matter if  I felt sad or happy, I would always come to our meetings on Tuesdays in Beacon Hill and have a chat with people, who bring joy into my life. You have an opportunity to meet these great people. See our formal Invitation to the event on Tuesday, Dec 7 at 7Pm at Beacon Hill Pub:

Dear Friends,

Writers Anonymous Boston is finally breaking out from the underground! It’s been a year since we started our Seven-Word Memoir Book project, a creative process of collecting our life experiences, profound and witty insights captured in seven words.

We are hosting a Seven-Word Memoir Party and Fundraiser to support and promote the publication of our first book, Writers Anonymous Boston: Seven at The Sevens. Hemingway said, “All good books have one thing in common – they are truer than if they had really happened.” While writing seven-word memoirs, we let our imaginations get the best of us.

Come get a sneak peek at the book and take a shot at writing your own seven-word memoir to be included in the book! Win great prizes in our raffle and show off your trivia prowess during our literature quiz. Hang out with a group of people who share a passion for writing.

Tickets/suggested donation is $10-$20. Snacks will be provided. Space is limited so please reserve early. To buy tickets, visit:

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to support your local writers!

More info about Writers Anonymous: and

Tentative Event Schedule:

 7:00PM – Reception and Social Hour with hors d’oeuvres

 7:00PM – Silent Auction starts

 8:00PM – Introduction to Writers Anonymous Boston and Seven Word Memoir book project

 8:15PM – Guest Seven Word Memoir submission starts

 8:45PM – Guest Seven Word Memoir submission ends

 8:45PM – Literature Quiz and prizes

 9:00PM – Seven word memoir contest rating starts

 9:45PM – Seven word memoir contest rating ends

 9:45PM – Raffle based on ticket numbers

10:00PM – Silent Auction closes and Winners are announced

10:15PM – Winners of Seven Word Memoir contest announced

10:30PM – Happy drinking!

Writers Anonymous

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